Saturday, April 01, 2006

Should I Flip this House?

I took a look at a house today that I'm considering purchasing for a flip. Tonight, I'm sitting home watching Flip That House on TLC, watching all the things going wrong and wondering if I really want to do this.

This would be my first flip. I'm not going in blind. A friend and I have been working with a local realtor who has a lot of experience in working with house flippers, even having done some himself. We've been looking for a long time and waiting for the right house. We may have found it. I don't want to tip off any other local investors by posting information on the house, but if we do it, I'll give you the details.

It's not that I'm that interested in real estate. What I am interested in is increasing my income and I'll invest in anything that I think can help me do that.

Anyone out there have some advice for a first-time property flipper?