Saturday, June 03, 2006

Skype says: Stop paying for long-distance calls!

A while ago, I received an email from Skype alerting me to their new promotion: free SkypeOut calls through the end of the year. That means, if you download their software (which I did), you can call from your computer to any landline or mobile phone for free.

The sound is crystal-clear and I haven't lost a single call. In addition, I actually prefer making the calls from a headset. Yesterday, I participated in a 74 minute conference-call from work with Skype; that's a savings of about $6 for my employer.

I got my brother to sign up and I'm going to get my mother-in-law on Skype so that she and my wife can talk for free after the end of the year (that alone should save a lot on long-distance bills). My four-year old daughter (pictured here) thinks it's pretty cool to make phone calls from Daddy's computer. Gotta go make some calls!